Advanced Security Solutions by Exelium

Keep eyes on your business from anywhere in the world! From CCTV cameras & Access control systems to video monitoring & analytic software; get a comprehensive range of security systems. Preserve your assets now!


What we are offering

Reliability and pioneering products are the two things for which Exelium renowned for. Our home and office security systems program ensures you to provide secure platform and helps to boost business productivity.

HD Security Cameras

Secure your home and business with these sleek and elegant CCTV Camera for home available in IR night vision, IP & megapixel options.

Network IP Security Cameras

A feature-rich security system that provides a superior IR lenses for clear images & videos, night vision, and HD video quality.

Fire Alarm

Plug your security cameras with your HDTV and monitor your world of a hawk eye. Install once and stay relaxed for future.


Home Automation System

Make your home a smart home with our latest Home Automation System. Remotely Control lighting, climate, and environment of your home.

Access Control System/biometric

Secure your place with biometric fingerprint reader just provides a password protected access control system via your biometric scans and electronic keys.

Public Addresing System(PA SYSTEM)

Technology, strength, and beauty are all in one package. Get durable & energy efficient automatic sliding door for your home or office.

A Complete Surveillance Program

Maximize Your Protection

Why Exelium Surveillance Program?

We deliver an entire range of the best surveillance systems services including, CCTV cameras, Fire Alarm, Automatic Boom Barrier, Public Addressing System, CVR/NVR, Access Control Biometric System, and more, just to keep your valuable asset and your loved ones save and protect. Our highly-advanced security system not only captures the real-image but also analyzes and records the live activity. Our main aim is to protect your home or office premises safe and sound so that you can sit relax and stay more focused on business production instead of solving security related issues.

who we are

We offer two types of surveillance security:

Residential Surveillance System

Residential Surveillance System is extremely beneficial for your home as it secures your property from unwanted activity and entry. Installation of our best home security camera provides owners a peace of mind as they can remain tension free from their family side; you can check the real-time footage of your residential area and can control your security system with the help of the internet. Now you can keep your eyes on the things you love most, even at work or vacation.

Commercial Surveillance System

You have worked hard throughout the day in your office premises and build a remarkable business so, it is imperative to keep your work area safe from theft, vandalism, or any other type of damages. Installing the highly-advanced office security systems cannot only avoid these kinds of risks but it also encourages you to improve your business by focusing on your business productivity. Call Exelium Technologies today and keep your business secure and protective from unwanted stuff.

Our Products

Exelium's Surveillance Program innovates and supports latest CCTV cameras including, Dome & Bullet, HD IP Cameras, Network Video Recorders, Fingerprint Sensor and more. Let's have a look at our wide range of products

Biometric Fingerprint

Biometric Fingerprint Reader

Fire Alarm & Smoke

Fire Alarm & Smoke/Heat Detector

Automatic Boom

Automatic Boom Barrier

Public Addressing

Public Addressing Systems

IP Intelligent Video

IP Intelligent Video Door Phone

Mobile DVRs

Mobile DVRs

Network Video

Network Video Recorders(NVRs)

Digital Video

Digital Video Recorders(DVRs)

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