Network IP

IP Security Cameras- a Cutting-Edge Technology for Better Security

Whether you want to install a single IP camera on your home or office or need a complete integrated Security System, Exelium Technologies provide you an astounding range of HD IP Security Camera System including, PTZ IR IP Cameras, Pan Tilt Zoom IP Cameras, Wireless IP Cameras, Long Range Night Vision IR PTZ Camera, and more. Here, you will get all the product ranges at an affordable price and remarkable support.

IP cameras are highly renowned for not only capturing the clear images but also for recording the clear- crisp videos. Our High-advanced and best IP Surveillance Camera embedded with video recording system, enclosures, PoE injectors, network switches, analytic software, and surge projectors. Apart from this, our IP cameras are also incorporate with IP Intercoms and IP Door Access Control.


Why Choose IP Cameras?

Provide High-Resolution Image or Video:

HD CCTV cameras provide 8 Megapixel resolutions which are undoubtedly bestowed clear & crisp images or videos but if you use IP Security Cameras it can go as high as 50 Megapixel. View your world with a Hawk eye.

Power over Ethernet:

Ditch those power supplies or power adapter in order to run your camera, replace them with highly advanced PoE (Power over Ethernet) to provide power to your device. We provide PoE in our all NVRs security camera systems.

Easy Installation:

Today, installing the IP camera is extremely easy. It is work under Plug-and-Play feature. There is only a single cable which transmits the video signal and if you want to add other features like PTZ then you will need another cable for this.

Access Data Remotely:

With IP Camera Security Systems, users can remotely access the real-time videos, from any place at any time. Our all products of IP Camera offer an efficient way to capture and distribute the videos or images over the internet.

Embedded with Search Function:

This is the most alluring functionality of an HD IP Security Camera System. This system provides you an advanced playback and search functions via which search an object if it goes missing. Simply draw a box in a specific place where you want to search the activity.

Excellent Image Quality

IP security camera provides more clear and crisp images or videos. It enables the user to precisely see the images or videos. Its Megapixel resolution provides HD image and video streaming broadcasting makes IP camera a must-have device in today’s fast-paced world.

We sell numerous Network IP Security Systems and well-renowned as the best-in-class wireless networking system dealers. Please do not hesitate to give us a call if you need to buy any IP security model, we also provide installation and one-year maintenance service.