Fire Alarm

Fire Detection And Alarm System

Exelium Technologies is a leading India-based Automatic Fire Alarm dealers and distributors. We provide a vast product Fire Alarm System range including, Automatic Detection, Smoke Detectors, Beam Smoke Detector, Thermal Detector, Flame Detector, Fire Gas Detector, and more. We feel proud to say that Exelium is a remarkable supplier, exporter, installer, and even maintenance service provider of Fire Alarm Security System. Our main is to provide a secured platform which helps to detect the presence of fire or other toxic gases in a hassle-free manner. All our equipment has passed all the tests of International Standard of Quality. Your security is in reliable hands so rest assured that your lives will not only be secured but also effectively saved with our Fire Alarm Security System.



Fire Alarm Devices we offer:

Smoke Detectors-:

Smoke detectors are extremely capable to detect the fire swiftly as compared to heat detector to detect. You can install these best home smoke alarms in your bedroom, basement, living room, and near stairway. They are suitable for both home and office. We are dealing with mainly two types of Smoke Detectors such as Photoelectric and Ionization.


Have you ever faced such situation like you walk into a store and suddenly a bell rings? Well, that place may be embedded with the photoelectric smoke detector. It works in a principle like whenever you cross the beam of the light and you block it, in that case, the sensor detects the insufficient light and it triggers the bell. Now, you can imagine that how this type of fire alarm system could act as a smoke detector.


This is widely used in smoke detectors as they are inexpensive and efficiently detect even the smaller amounts of smoke. In order to detect the smoke, these detectors use an ionization chamber and a source of ionization radiation. This type of industrial fire alarm system quickly detects the smoke than any other types of thermal or smoke detector.

Beam Detectors

Beam detectors are specially designed for open areas, high ceilings, movie theaters, warehouse, basketball court, and spacious rooms. We provide two types of Beam Detectors: Reflector Type and Receiver-Transmitter Type. The main advantage of this type of detector is- Quick action and efficiently covers a large area with an affordable price.

Thermal Detectors

Thermal heat detectors contain a bimetallic switch element that closes its valve when the temperature goes beyond its limit. When the temperature increases and is equal to more than the specific temperature of a thermal detector, in that condition, the alarm is activated. The main advantage of this type of detector is: it is more reliable and affordable as compared to a smoke detector. It required less maintenance.

Flame Detectors

Flame Detector is a very efficient device in order to detect the fire or flames even in an extremely hazardous environment. This flame detector sensor lessen the risks that associated with fire either by raising an alarm, activate a fire suppression system, or by deactivating the fuel combustion. They are well-renowned for their extremely quick action.

Exelium Technologies is engaged in the sales, installation, and maintenance of the most advanced technologically fire alarm systems and available secured equipment. Our highly-skilled professionals install the device in your location and if in any case, you face any technical difficulty while using the device you can call to our toll-free number at any time. We are always available at your service.