Acess control

Access Control and Biometric System

From hospitals to corporate offices, from research labs to police lockups, almost every commercial organization feels the need for authorized access to their work premises and this is the reason Biometric Access Control System has become essential equipment in every organization. Today, there are numerous small or big business, government or private offices, which have started adopting this extremely secure access control system to restrict the entry of unauthorized users. If you also want secure your home or office premises then Exelium Technologies is the best bet. We offer a wide range of Access Control and Biometric Security System including, Access Control Standalone, Access Control + Attendance Biometric, Aadhaar Card Support Attendance, Face/ Finger Print/ ID Card Password, etc.


Why Use Access Control System?

  • Bestow a safe & secure work environment.
  • Restrict access based on Time, User, and Zone.
  • Provide IP based architecture.
  • Enhance reliability and scalability.
  • Secure or protect restrictive areas.
  • Centralized monitoring.
  • Reduce the need of manpower.
  • Check punch-in and punch-out time.

Our Products:

1.Aadhaar Fingerprint Biometric

  • Support dual-core processor
  • 7” capacitive touchscreen
  • Secure onboard processing
  • Secure data and communication
  • Fast scanning

2.Professional Series Biometric

  • 3-inch TFT-QVGA touchscreen.
  • Up to 1500 & 3000 faces, 1000 fingers, 1000 cards, 1000 passwords detecting capacity.
  • Available in color display.
  • Support 2 HD camera.
  • 16-inch keypad.

3.Standalone RFID Single Door Access Controller

  • User capacity: Up to 450 card & password.
  • This device is embedded with a buzzer system.

4.Network-Based RFID Multidoor Access Controller.

  • Up to 1000 cards holding capacity.
  • Save up to 60000 records.

5.Push/Touch Exit Switch

  • Designing style: Plastic panel/ Metal panel/ No mechanical bolt.
  • Tested to 100000 to 500000 cycles.
  • Touch-free exit sensor.

These are some of our products; we not sell them but also install them in your location plus provide one-year maintenance service. We provide rich, web-based, and the best access control security systems that one can access remotely. Our security system caters the need of all type of organization no matter what their size is.